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What is computer Software Definition of computer Software and their types

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1Definition of Computer Software:
Computer Software is a computer program and computer program is the set of instructions which describe the hardware what to do.

2. What is computer Software:

Computer Software is a computer programs and these programs can be stored on magnetic tapes  , magnetic disks and also on other media to solve the particular problems.

computer software are divided into two categories :

1. Application Software
2. System Software

1. Application Software:

Applications Software enable the user to do things such as typing , playing games , playing music , create animation pictures , designing etc.Tiny and small software can be supplied on floppy disk , other software are available on  CD Disks , hard disks and also on Internet.

Application software includes the following:
1. Spreadsheet software (Ms Excel ,  Ability office)
2. communication software (skype , yahoo , Msn , google talk)
3. Music synthesis (window media player)
4. Animation painting software ( photoshop , Micromedia Flash)
5. Games 
6. Medical Software 

and many more international business machine (IBM) computers supported thousand of software.

2. System Software: 

System Software is the software whose purpose is to make computer more effective by mean of operative programs.Computers without System software is Impossible to operate.System software are sub divided into three parts.

1. Operating system
2. Operating Atmosphere 
3. Utilities

1. Operating System

Operating system perform most of these four operational tasks.

Disks Operations = Storing programs and data on disks

Network operations = Numbers of Micros linked with each other and share facilities like hard disks printer etc.

Multi-user operations = Number of people use computer and its software at the same time by connecting it to other computer.

Multi-tasking operations = Several tasks can be handle by computer at same browsing internet and playing music at same time.

2. Operating Environment:

Disk operating system (DOS) and other operating system are not user friendly and it's difficult for those people who are unfamiliar with computer  keyboard and DOS mostly based on command (for example .. C:\> ) which is unfriendly and difficult.

User friendly operating environment introduced which is easy to use.
Two most popular operating systems are:

1. Windows from Microsoft :

compatibles for all computers Presentation Manager (PM) used on IBM PS/2 Micros.

2. Apple Macintosh :

compatibles for Atari St computers series  and some others micros.Graphics Environment manger (GEM) from Digital research is used.

These Two Operating Environment are more user friendly and easy to use for peoples by using short cut keys on keyboard and by pressing arrow keys to move around the computer screen.Keyboard was not very efficient or natural then mouse was developed.Moving it by hand produces movement of the cursor on screen make selection by pressing the button on mouse in case of computer program double clicking that is pressing two time button.By mean of mouse you can draw images , play songs , Drag drop files and folder from one window to another.
This kind of interface is known as GUI (Graphical user interface) or WIMP term is used its mean  Window , Icon , Mouse , pointer .

3. Utilities:

Carried out tasks in more efficient and easier way.
Carried out tasks which beyond the abilities of operating system.
Some of the Examples of utilities are Windows Explorer and the program that we run from Control panel.


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