Thursday, 14 July 2011

What is Hard Disk Drive (HDD) what is the purpose of hard disk drive capacity of hard disk drive 2011 hard disk drive information

Picture of Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

What is Hard Disk Drive (HDD):

Hard Disk Drive is the part of computer hardware.Its an storage device or secondary storage device also known by the name of magnetic disk , HD Drive , Fixed Disk , nonvolatile memory (NVM).Nonvolatile means information will permanently stored as long as power is supplied by supplier.

What is the purpose of Hard Disk Drive (HDD):

Hard Disk Drive is used to store your data.You can save your information , multimedia files , important programs , Pictures and many more.Most important purpose of Hard Disk Drive is to run computer properly  by the Installation of Operating System on HDD.

Capacity of Hard Disk Drive (HDD):

In the category of Storage Devices Hard Disk Drive is one of the largest information or data storing device.As we know Bit is the smallest storage component in computer world.Eight 8 Bits combine together to form 1 bytes.

1 Bit =______________  0 or 1 Either it is yes or no
1 Byte (B) =__________ 8 bits 
1 kilobyte (KB) =_____.. 1024 bytes
1 megabyte (MB) =___._1024 kilobytes
1 Gigabyte (GB) =_____ 1024 megabytes
1 Terabyte (TB) =_____. 1024 Gigabytes

Terabyte is enough storage for home use Pc's.More Terms were created after Terabyte like petabyte , exabyte , zettabyte etc.

2011 hard disk drive information:

4 terabyte Hard Disk Drive was developed in 2011.
4 terabyte (TB) = 4096 Gigabyte (GB) 


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