Thursday, 14 July 2011

what is keyboard why keyboard is necessary types of keyboard


What is keyboard:

Keyboard is computer device and part of computer hardware having Alphanumeric , Numeric , Arithmetic , navigation , special , function and  arrow keys.Keyboard is primary device for inputting information or data.
Electronic Signals are converted in binary Digital form when any key on the Keyboard is pressed.

Why keyboard is necessary:

Mostly keyboard is used for entering information.There is no other devices for inputting data as text  so Keyboard is still on first place.Keyboard is not only use for data entering sometimes keyboard used for the installation of Operating system
It is necessary to have keyboard to Complete your computer system.

Types of keyboard:

There are many type of keyboard but some of which are popular are :

1. Personal System 2 (PS2) Keyboards
2. Universal Serial Bus (USB) keyboards
3. Bluetooth keyboards
4. Wireless keyboards


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