Thursday, 14 July 2011

What is Operating System (OS) up coming operating system 2011

What is Operating System:

Operating system is the most important Software of the Computer.It belongs to the category of System Software.Operating system perform many tasks like take input from scanner keyboard and gave us output on the monitor screen peripheral devices like printers , scanners , keyboard , routers are also controlled by operating system.Without operating system computer hardware are useless.
Operating system manage both hardware and software.We know Software always comes in the programs category and program is the set of instruction to solve the particular problems.So operating system is that program having such kind of instruction which tells the hardware what to do.
Operating system enable conversation between user and Computer.

Windows from Microsoft is well known operating system almost every one knows about it.To find out which version of Microsoft windows your using click on the start button search the Run program and type "Winver" or Window+break key together an information window will pop up on your screen.

Windows Vista Windows 7 are the newer version of Microsoft

Other popular operating system are:
1. Tron 
2. Mac OS (Apple Macintosh)
3. Linux
4. Solaris
5. Ubuntu 

up coming operating system 2011:

◘ Mac OS X Lion coming in July 
◘ Microsoft windows 8 


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