Friday, 26 August 2011

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IF any user use bad words abusive language on your comments area or if your running a family web site containing family stuff , family discussion etc and any person due to your warning he still submitting Pornography websites links again and again and disturbing your website atmosphere.

Have you ever read about click bomber a person clicks on your adsense ad more den one time it causes your adsense account block.Now its time to block there types of users on your websites.You can block that person by their ip address.Just follow the following steps: < enter this website address and register there

Step 1

In the first box Enter your user name then email address , password then under personal detail enter your  Name then your last name company name , tab down and select your country from the list check the i accept term and condition and hit the register my account.

Step 2:

Next Screen will be appear like this click on add Add stat counter project.


First Enter the Title of your website then Enter the Url Of you Website tab down and select the category of your website set the time zone on the maximum visit length if you wish you change the time period then you can on the ip blocking section enter the ip address of that person which you want to block
(example: 125.22.325.22) and if you want to enter another ip address you must enter another ip from the next line and i recommend you to leave the last option as it is and press next

Others Options are easy you can set them by your choice at the end you get an embed HTML code placed that code in Add Gadget.


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