Monday, 22 August 2011

How to create your own web site for free , easy way to create free web site , why we need to create web site

why we need to create a web site :

First of all we need to ask our self why i need a web site ?
Before you read this all perhaps you got your answer and all reasons of why i need to create a website if not then i'll tell you.

Over billions of peoples use internet and visiting many web sites per day.Some peoples visit websites for information , some visit for entertainment , some for playing online games etc.
Before you get any information , music , videos , pictures & online games did you ever think where it comes from.There's an information provider before you get any information or other stuffs.
If you want to share your pictures , videos , information or if you have an small business etc or your selling any product made by your company or you or if your a teacher and wants to help your student by writing different topics on the website related to your students problem and also you want to create website for 100% free with no charges.

How to create your own web site for free :

Many web sites provide us website hosting services for Free and give us limited space
(500 MB to 1 GB or 2 GB) for the website.This limitation is enough for you small business , pictures sharing or information sharing if isn't then you need to pay for unlimited space.
The Following website provide us free website hosting service:


Easy way to create free web site :

Just enter any of 6 above listed website sign up there design the website, upload your pictures , data , information and you have done.You have successfully created your website for free.


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