Wednesday, 24 August 2011

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Have you Ever heard about virtual Drive or G mail drive extension if not then i'll tell you about this feature of G mail account.

First of all goto signup there and create your G mail Email account.
Search the GMail Drive shell extension and install it.
Then double click on My computer there you found a new drive name gmail double click on the drive small window will appear in the first box of the window enter your gmail Email address on the second box enter your gmail Email password.
After accessing the Gmail drive you can drag and drop your important files , data etc 
Gmail drive uses your Gmail account space which Gmail provide us.The space is almost 7GB which is enough for your backup files in others words we can also say the Gmail drive as online hard disk but it take time when you upload (drag into the gmail drive window) any file or download (drag onto your computer window) but it's gud for the backup of your files.


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