Monday, 15 August 2011

what are windows shortcut keys using keyboard or list of computer keyboard shortcut keys

There are many keys you have seen on the keyboard every key has specific function.
These keys can also be used for short cut method here are some method listed below with their shortcut keys.

○ Ctrl + C = First hold down the Ctrl key and then press C on the keyboard is the short cut method of copying the selected object (file , text , folder) but first you need to select the object which you want to copy to other location.

○ Ctrl + V = Same as above keep holding Ctrl key and press V is the shortcut method of pasting the copy of cut file into other location . 

○ Ctrl + X =  is used to cut the selected object or item on the computer screen

○ Win key + E = If you ever saw window key on the keyboard it ll be easy for you to understand window key located between Ctrl and Alt keys on the right most down side of the keyboard.This short cut keys is used to open My computer .

○ Ctrl + Tab = is used to Switch between the programs .

○ Win key + Break/pause = is used to show your system properties your Ram , Processor , and windows detail.

○ F2 = key is used to rename the object . select the file press F2 .

○ Alt + Shift + Esc = is used to open Task manager.

○ Shift + Del = If you want to delete the selected object permanently without putting into the recycle bin then use these keys.

○ Alt + F4 = Used to end/close the current file,folder or opening window.

○ F3 = Simple F3 popup a Search window there you can search any file folder from your computer which you might forget and only knows the file name.Enter the file name and hit the search button.

○ Win key + L = Faster way to lock the window.

These are the mostly used short cut keys .. 


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