Saturday, 10 September 2011

Side effects or Disadvantages of using computers for long time

As we know computer is helpful and useful electronic device for us besides it also have some negative effect on our health.
Lot of time sitting in front of computer monitor screen causes many dangerous problems.

Eyes Problems:
Redness in eyes when we wake up after sleeping lot of time and also feel pain.
Pain in eyes when we go outside in the sun Light.
Reading problem when we read from the book.
Can't bare electric light inside the house and feel pain in eyes.

Effect on Brain:
Headache before and after sleeping.
Memory problem you can't memorize anything easily.
Stress and feel tense whole day.

Others Problems:
Eat food and use computer repeating this routine again and again in 3 times a day causes laziness in you, it makes you to do nothing it take control on your body and after that you can't control your self from laziness if you can't control then the food your eating with no exercise increases the percentage of body fats in you and you loose your well shaped body day by day.We all know in today's generation how important well shaped body is.

We are unable to realize what happening to our body because this all problem take some time we are young and all these problem take time to attack on you.Use computer for educational purpose and fun for sometime like play computer games,chatting but not more than 1 or 2 hours go outside and have some physical games like football etc.


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