Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Standard input and output in C language;what do you mean by input in C++;Some of important input and output function which use in C language

Standard input:
The process of giving something to the computer is said to be input.Mostly input is given by keyboard and standard input refers to the input using keyboard.
In C++ program need some inputs from user to work properly.

Standard output:
The process of getting something from the computer is said to be output.Output mostly displayed on monitor screen and standard output refers the output which displayed on monitor screen.

Some of important input and output functions:

1. Input functions:
◘ Scanf()
◘ gets()
◘ getch()
◘ getche()

2. Output functions:
◘ printf()
◘ puts()

Note: Syntax of any function must be written in lower case and it is necessary to  include the header file "stdio.h" in starting of the program.

Stdio mean standard input output
std= standard
i= input
o= output


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