Sunday, 1 January 2012

machine language , concept of machine language in detail

Low level Languages are easy to understand by the computer because machine language is computer's own language like every country have its own language and easy to understand and spoke by the peoples of that country.Similarly machine language is easy to understand by the computer because of it's native language.

Machine language:
It is a type of language in which instructions are written in binary form like 0s and 1s is called machine language.This is the only language which is  directly understood by the computer without using of any Translator or Compiler.
We should remember theses things:

1.Instructions are written in binary form in machine language.
2.Computer directly understood machine language.
3.Machine language is difficult to learn and understood by the humans.
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4.Writing and Modifying program in machine language takes a lot of times.
5.Knowledge of hardware required to write programs and it provide facility to write programs at hardware level.
6.This language is used to write system software.
7.Less numbers of programmers because of difficult language.


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