Tuesday, 27 November 2012

chrome search engine not working, search bar, address bar not working page not found error solution

                           Chrome search bar not working

Few days ago when i was trying to search on Google Chrome search bar i was facing an error which started irritating me and the error was "my keywords are not found by chrome" when i typed anything the browser says your not connected to internet.I restared the router but still facing the problem then i found a solution which i like to share.

step 1:Type google.com on search bar/address bar

Step 2: When google site completly opened right click on google search bar and click on "add as search engine" like shown below:

Note: Make sure you've clicked at centre of search bar

After clicking on "add as search engine" small window will appear to ask "edit search engine".You need to edit the name (by default google.com) and place it by Google 2 and press ok.like shown below.

Final Step: Goto Wrench tools > settings > manage search engine or simply copy pate this blue highlighted text into your chrome search bar chrome://chrome/settings/searchEngines.On "Other search engine" option make Google 2 as default search engine and press ok.as shown below.

Done now you can search keywords on search bar ;)


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