Monday, 26 August 2013

Earn Online

Google Adsense was Introduced in March 2003 since then peoples are taking advantage from this program and make money online.Many peoples are saying making money with Google is much more easier compare to other online money making system.

How can you earn with Google Adsense??

First you need to create a website.Blogger is most popular and a free way to create a website according to your need.If you have Google account/Gmail account you can easily create and sign up For blogger.Enter the URL you want Title the blogger choose Template and Get started.

Second you need to write some content for your blogger and posts them.Like this website is about making money online and i've choose one topic.You can also choose specific and one direction topic which you can write about or if your creative person or if your teacher or your a businessman you can write anything related to your field.

Before signup for Google Adsense You need to have minimum 20 to 30 posts/article on your website.You must be atleast 18 year old.
Have a look on Google adsense Signup Page

After filling Adsense form all you need to wait for 3 to 6 days google will look at your website and then they decide whether your website matching with their Terms and condition if yes they will sent you an approval Email , If not they will Disapprove your application.

If you Disapproved you can try again but first you need to make some changes to your websites.Here are some tips i can give you to get approval from Google adsense.

1.Minimum 20 to 30 posts/article
2.Don't not put others videos on your websites
3.Pornographic contents not allwed
4.You can't put movies on your websites
5.Do not copy other websites contents
6.Do not apply on other online making system using your website 
7.Article must be minimum 500 words.
8.Do not put chat box on your website

Tips After getting approved by Adsense

1.Do not tell others to click on your ads
2.Do not click on your own ads else your adsense account will be disable
3.Do not put your own Ads code on other websites


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