Saturday, 3 August 2013

Increase website traffic with simple steps (SEO 2013)

With the help of few steps you can increase your website viewers.I know it's too difficult for any of us to bring massive traffic it needs lot of energy and lot of patient.

First you need to choose a category on which you had created your website or blog.

You know what i meant choose ??
That's right choosing a category is very much important for us.We need to fix our mind on one topic sometimes we already make up our mind but then we divert towards something else because we are not getting enough traffic for our website.We started to post something which does not match with our URL or website or blog name.

Well , talking about simple few steps here are they:

1.Goto > setting > search preferences
customs robots.txt (edit) and enable it
customs robots header tags (edit) and enable it and save changes.

2.Goto Webmaster tools and submit your website.

3.Goto Google Plus and create profile and add peoples to your circles.

4.Goto Bing and submit your website.

5.Submit your every post on social media like

6.Digg your every post

7.Reddit your every post

8.Goto google Blog submit and submit your blog

9.Whenever you comment on someone's post or video submit your backlink
<a href="your website">Your website name</a>

Your website will be your website address like mine.
Your website name will be your website name like mine.
<a href=""> computer Detail </a>

Your 60% Done 
The more you post
The more traffic jump into your site.


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