Sunday, 4 August 2013

Unblock every websites

How to unblock facebook??
How to unblock youtube??

How to unblock any website??

Here are some solutions for you , but first it is important for you to think why someone block these websites and he/she don't want you to stay away from them.

I know it's hard to understand when someone taking care of you so much that it's impossible to understand for Us.

Talking about topic here are few steps you can do before access to blocked facebook , youtube or any website.

Proxy websites

Proxy websites are those websites which are used to access blocked websites through browser.You just need to search some proxy websites through search engine.If you got any enter the URL of the website and press go to access the websites.

Here are some example of proxy websites.

Note:Proxy websites and VPN software are unprotected means your Images,files,password are unsafe you can be hacked anytime but many peoples using them with their own risks.

VPN Software

The other method to access blocked websites Via VPN software. You can download VPN software, install it and done just open the browser and search what ever you want to , hit the websites which you want to access.

Here are some examples of VPN software.
Hotspot sheild
Ultra surf


  1. The best way to access blocked websites is to use a vpn service, is the best you can get