Monday, 26 May 2014

waitlist facebook pages how to get rid off

waitlist facebook page

How to get rid of waitlist.
The answer is there is no way you can get out of facebook waitlist which appears on facebook pages.A new layout has been implement on the facebook.If you have created any  facebook page you often have seen join the waitlist well actually they are asking you to wait in the waitlist of new facebook layout.

On asking Question from the facebook
Can we revert old facebook pages layout?
They replied "Hi everyone,

If you have the new design, you won't be able to change back to the old design. If you'd like to share your feedback on what you don't like or what you would like with the new design, please tell us about it here:"

After few months or 1.5 years later facebook changes their layout just to add something new for their users to enjoy whether they like it or not for those who don't like they will soon calm down and started liking the new layout their protect won't work at all on facebook management team :P 

Well years will past life goes on enjoy every unique thing in your around


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