Sunday, 26 November 2017

How to Contact Facebook Support Team 2017-2018

There are many ways you can contact to facebook support team from my personal experience i have come to know

They don't respond because they don't exist ... I'm beginning to believe that there are no humans left at Facebook, just transaction-processing software connected to a large computing Cloud in the ethernet. No one responds to our frustration because there's no one there - no "live human," anyway. Only platforms, aps, bits and bytes, which are not programmed to feel frustration or sense it in others. They don't hear or see us as humans expecting a response, just as a source of data to be categorized and stored. When we write these plaintive pleas for help and clear instruction, these machines don't sense our anger and frustration - they word-search our typed text for key words that trigger pre-programmed, impersonal (and usually inaccurate) responses. Isn't it amazing how digitalization continues to make 21st century communications so much more efficient and effective than back in the Stone Age when live humans answered phones and engaged in real, interactive conversations with their customers/clients? Quaint . . . but then you can just call me "Geezer". Now I think I'll shut down Facebook, get off the computer and go outdoors to see some of that summer sunshine I have been missing, while I sit here typing on this keyboard.


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