Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Nokia 5G FIRST in the next era of telecommunications

Nokia 5g first in the next era of telecommunications

Nokia 5G Technology the next era of telecommunications

5G an important technology which drive a fundamental change in our communications infrastructure.A journey to change mobile handset market also changing the lives of consumers and business model.

Media and entertainment manufacturing companies as  well as transportation industry must find new ways of working and increase their performance.

5G is most rapidly changing technologies ever with phase 1 due for completion in 2018 and phase 2 in 2019. Nokia is making substantial contributions to this standardization process.Cooperation with early adopters such as Verizon and Korea Telecom (KT), Nokia offering a pre-standard solution to enable early 5G servces.

As Nokia documentation states that

"Nokia is launching the world’s first 5G solution. Nokia 5G FIRST will be ready for commercial deployment, going beyond the technology showcases based on proprietary specifications that other vendors are promoting. Instead, Nokia 5G FIRST is based on well-defined market requirements, namely the specifications of Verizon TF (Technology Forum) and KT SIG (Special Interest Group).Nokia 5G FIRST enables operators to launch specific 5G use cases even before standardization has been finalized. This early commercial solution not only allows early-adopter operators to gain a hugely beneficial first-to-market advantage, but also uses real world experience to drive standardization in 3GPP to help create the best possible 5G."


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